What is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon syrup tastes so sweet, it’s an all-natural product and it is known for its ability to improve human health and to support easier weight loss. If you’re looking for a new diet solution and you want something holistic, which supports the health of your whole body as it helps you to process calories more efficiently, you’ll find that discovering what Yacon syrup is and how it works will be very beneficial.

So, let’s talk more about what the product is, where it’s found and what it has to offer to those who want to achieve their ideal weights via a safe and gentle, plant-derived product.

Yacon Syrup is Pure and Powerful

This syrup is also known by the scientific name, Smallanthus sonchifolius, and it is extracted via the Yacon plant, which is indigenous to South America. For centuries, true believers have touted the health benefits of this medicinal plant, which is purported to improve a range of health conditions, such as diabetic health issues, kidney ailments, and digestive woes. The root of this plant looks somewhat like a potato. The juice is taken from the root and then carefully processed in order to produce delicious syrup which offers a host of health benefits, including pronounced weight loss benefits.

The syrup itself is a rich brown color and it’s thicker than maple syrup.

Syrup Endorsed by Dr. Oz

Known for its power to spark the body’s resting metabolic rate, Yacon syrup gets the “thumbs-up” from television personality and licensed physician, Dr. Oz. If you’re a fan of the good doctor and you want to find a weight loss product that impresses him, you need to look no further. Dr. Oz loves Yacon syrup because he believes that it speeds up the metabolism.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t lose weight easily, you may suspect that your slower metabolic rate is to blame. Chances are good that you’re right. By adding this syrup to your life, you’ll be able to access the sort of metabolic rate that a naturally skinny person has, without making changes in your lifestyle. While any weight loss aid will work better when you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, this syrup should offer weight loss benefits regardless of what you eat or how often you move around.

Particularly useful for those who want secondary benefits from their natural weight loss products, Yacon syrup is loaded with good bacteria that support excellent digestive health and general health. This miracle syrup tastes wonderful, so it’s very easy to add it recipes or to “take it straight up”. How you use Yacon syrup is really up to you.

How does it help weight loss?

Yacon syrup has been used for centuries in order to support good health. However, these days, it’s more commonly known for its weight loss benefits. Derived from the root of the Yacon plant, this impressive and all-natural syrup is loaded with active ingredients that fire up the body’s resting metabolic rate.

In addition, Yacon syrup features good bacteria. This syrup’s good bacteria support excellent digestion and overall good health. The syrup itself is thick and dark and it tastes wonderfully sweet. By adding natural Yacon syrup to your daily diet, you’ll receive the diet support that you really need, without any downside.

Since it works so gently and so well, it offers all of the benefits of over-the-counter and prescription-strength diet pills, without the side effects that these lab-created formulas tend to trigger. This is why more and more men and women are selecting Yacon syrup in order to achieve their ideal weights.

Do you have a Slow Metabolism?

Your metabolism will always play a key role in your body weight. If your resting metabolic rate is slow and sluggish, you’ll find that burning enough calories to drop pounds is practically impossible. Turning to crash diets and exercise routines that you can’t stick to will often be counter-productive, as you’ll find that you wreak havoc with your metabolism by making drastic, short-term changes to your lifestyle.

This is why finding a natural weight loss aid, such as Yacon syrup, is so very important. By doing so, you’ll free yourself from diet hell and failed fitness challenges and you’ll be able to raise your metabolic rate, virtually overnight.

This syrup will work best if you do eat a healthy diet and get some exercise regularly. However, it will still offer a metabolic boost, no matter how you choose to live.

How is Yacon Syrup Extracted?

Yacon syrup is extracted from the root of the Yacon plant. This careful process ensures that the health-boosting and weight loss properties of this syrup are maintained throughout the extraction process. The best manufacturers will extract the fluid from this plant in a very careful and delicate manner, in order to preserve the integrity of its active ingredients, which include natural fiber and weight loss-boosting compounds.

This plant syrup is dark-brown in color and its texture is very viscous. In fact, its darkness and sweet taste remind many people of molasses. So, you should know that taking this syrup in order to lose weight or improve your health will be a great way to enjoy the great taste!

People have used this syrup for Centuries

The syrup extraction process is something that has been refined over the centuries. In fact, people have been utilizing Yacon syrup for thousands of years in order to enjoy its medicinal benefits. When you order your own supply of Yacon syrup, you’ll be primed to enjoy a faster resting metabolic rate, which will assist you in dropping unwanted pounds without making big changes to your lifestyle.

Perfect for those who don’t do well with traditional diets and exercise plans, this syrup is also great for those who wish to ease digestive woes in a natural and holistic manner. The fiber in this syrup is designed to improve digestion from the inside out.

Are there any known side effects?

Healthy and natural Yacon syrup is used in order to support well-being and weight loss and it’s commonly-regarded as being a very safe dietary supplement. Its great reputation in this regard is due to the low number of side effects and symptoms that it causes. If you’re interested in learning more about any risk factors which are associated with using Yacon Syrup, you’ll appreciate this helpful quick guide.

Side Effects are Typically Very Mild

This natural syrup supports weight loss by raising the body’s metabolic rate. However, it also supports good digestive health by containing lots of natural fiber, which helps to bulk up the bowel so that elimination is easier and more regular. Since it does come with natural fiber, this syrup may trigger occasional bloating or gas before it begins to cleanse the bowel and offer benefits to the entire digestive system.

In most cases, following package directions and taking the correct amounts of Yacon syrup will be the key to enjoying side effect-free weight loss and digestive system support. In addition, you should know that side effects which are related to Yacon syrup are linked with overconsumption of the syrup. So, do consider following any instructions which come with your product to the letter.

Most People Experience No Side Effects

Aside from minor bloating and gas, most people experience no ill effects when using this syrup. After all, it’s a natural product which is derived from a plant’s root, and it has been consumed for centuries due to its sweet taste and medicinal benefits. Today, medical authorities, such as Dr. Oz, promote the benefits of Yacon syrup via a range of media channels, because they really believe in the power and potential of this natural product!

As you can see, there’s really no reason not to give Yacon Syrup a try.

Now that you know more about the very mild (and usually non-existent) side effects of the syrup, as well as how gentle and effective it really is, you may be ready to start using the product for yourself. By ordering online in order to access a world of selection, you’ll be able to choose a syrup brand that really delivers. Remember that all Yacon syrup is not created equal. Therefore, you should take care to buy from a reputable online retailer that is recommended by diet and weight loss experts and alternative health experts.

Recommended Dosage

Yacon syrup is derived from the Peruvian “ground apple” plant, which is indigenous to South America. The Yacon plant’s root is the source of precious fluid which is carefully extracted and then turned into sweet, dark, and health-boosting syrup. Best-known as a Dr. Oz-approved natural weight loss aid which promotes faster calorie-burning via a faster metabolism, this powerful syrup also contains lots of natural fiber, so it’s great for the health of the digestive system.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions Carefully

If you’re interested in learning more about Yacon syrup, such as the right amounts to take, we can tell you that following the package directions on your preferred Yacon syrup bottle will be the key to unlocking this product’s myriad health benefits, without suffering from unwanted side effects.

0.29 grams per day is a good base figure for many people. When you take this amount of Yacon syrup, you should access weight loss and health benefits, without experiencing any negative side effects. However, following manufacturer’s instructions will be the best way to stay safe as you use this gentle and holistic formula.

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