Let’s take a quick look at the power of positive thinking and the importance of creative cognitive visualization in the weight loss process. Lots of people (and rightfully so) spend an inordinate amount time focusing on the mechanics of their diet, the actual blueprint, meal plan, support group and so on. Of course this is a huge and integral part of the weight loss process. You wouldn’t lose weight if you didn’t pay attention to these components of your weight loss regimen. But there is another, often overlooked aspect to dieting properly as well. It is the mental, or concentration states that are outcome focused while actively engaged in the diet. And I think it’s fair to say, as important as the blueprint is, in reality, it is the thought process (or lack thereof) that causes most dieters to fail.

Look, obviously you are not going to lose weight simply by concentrating on it. If it was this simple, we would have a world of skinny people..:-) Clearly there is more to it than the simple power of positive thinking. However, the visualization process, actually seeing yourself skinny, beautiful, radiant and glowingly happy is a HUGE part of getting this result. If you can see the goal clearly…you almost will never achieve it.

And this is not just new age dieting pep talk either! Ask Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant about shooting a basketball well, Andre Agassi hitting a ferocious forehand and they will all tell you the same thing. Picturing practicing the shot going in is EQUALLY as important as practicing the shot itself. Visualizing the success, is a necessary skill to getting it. With this in mind, you need to start THINKING about your life when you’ve hit your target weight, what you look like, how you feel, how good you feel inside and the sense of accomplishment that comes with all of it. Only then will you have a pure path to the prosperity of achieving it. This is what separates those who get exactly that, from those who spend a lifetime trying.
Here is the good news..:-) If you’ve been struggling with your weight for any appreciable amount of time, starting and stopping one diet after another, I’ve been there….and can tell you this for sure: You can lose lots of fat fast, beautify your body, supercharge your self image and absolutely become the very best and most radiant version of yourself in the blink of an eye. The question is: Are YOU ready for the brand NEW you….or not?

The days of starvation diets, mediocre meals and miserable emotional highs and lows are a thing of the past! You can lose weight fast, feel phenomenally fit and be turning heads on the beach in no time…guaranteed!

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