Green coffee is a raw and unroasted coffee bean. Studies have shown that green coffee bean extract are very effective pills for losing weight.

What is Green Coffee?

Coffee is more effective when it is raw or unroasted as roasting results in reduction of chemical named chlorogenic acid present in it. The chlorogenic acid is believed to have various health benefits such as fat loss, reducing sugar level and preventing heart disease. Green coffee is more powerful than the normal coffee due to the increased level of chlorogenic acid. Green coffee extract is used in the weight loss pills as one of the key ingredients. It has become famous for being able to reduce fat in the body without any diet or exercise.

How does Green Coffee work?

Coffee beans which are not yet roasted are used as green coffee. The chlorogenic acid in the beans is capable of de-congesting the blood vessels, to effectively reduce blood pressure. This acid works on sugars, preventing it from getting converted into fat. This property helps in preventing accumulation of fats in the body. Anti-oxidants present in green coffee creases metabolism, helps in proper digestion and increases immunity.

How safe is it?

In its natural form green coffee is very safe and comes without any adverse side-effects. Although, green coffee is safe when consumed orally, it is unsafe and causes respiratory problems when inhaled. Also, since it contains caffeine similar to regular coffee it can have same side-effects as that of coffee— like nervousness, insomnia, stomach upset, nausea, restlessness, etc.

Benefits of Green Coffee pills to lose weight

The benefits of using green coffee pills to lose weight are:

  1. Helps in normalizing the blood pressure.
  2. Weight loss
  3. Increased metabolism
  4. Increased immune system.

The research is still going on its effectiveness on fat loss. Consuming 80-200mg of green coffee every day is said to offer the desired results in approximately 12 weeks.


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